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In The September District 10 Newsletter, Johnny Khamis has a nice quote about the value of parks.


“Another thing I appreciated about Copenhagen, is the increased community outreach in the planning of parks and other public destinations. This helps them achieve highly activated public spaces. I was especially impressed with the use of science and culture in the many parks that we visited. Parent-friendly playground equipment is used to keep parents and kids entertained and playing together. Park staff measure the use of parks before and after features are added to gauge the popularity of new features. Many parks have a specific theme and attract residents from other areas of the city. In many cases, activating a space has brought new life to neighborhoods and increased the values of the surrounding homes.”

Lake Almaden Park – Black-Crowned Night Herons Nest

Black-crowned Night Herons

Bird advocates found 13 Black-crowned night herons at Almaden Park. The birds are nesting in small oak trees and  visitors to observe the birds as they raise their young – and herons and egret are very vocal and beautiful and hilariously funny when they raise their young. Learn more about the birds at

Volunteers will be leading tours on weekends.

Mayoral Forum on Parks Issues

If you missed the first ever Mayoral Forum on Parks issues you can watch the entire event at the below link. The San Jose Parks Advocates are grateful to the many community members who attended our forum on Monday, April 21. We are especially appreciative of Santa Clara County Open Space AuthorityCommittee for Green FoothillsSan Jose Parks Foundation and the San Jose Stage Company for their help in putting on this great event.

Videos of Mayoral Forum

Shady Oaks Park

Some nice pics of the Shady Oaks Park in the Coyote Creek Neighborhood in South San Jose.


IMG_1469 IMG_0749

Park Concerns

Help keep our parks beautiful, healthy and safe. If you see any maintenance issues or other problems that are occurring in a San José park, please fill out the Park Concerns Form. or call (408) 793-5510 to report a concern.

About Us

We are a community-based organization launched in 2012 to heighten awareness of park issues and bring forth policies that foster great parks.

The mission of San Jose Parks Advocates is to bring parks into the public political consciousness, to make parks an issue in all discussions of civic priorities, neighborhood services, and community interactions with the City of San Jose.

 San Jose Park Advocates envision a day when support for parks, recreation, and neighborhood services is beyond question, when all residents have access to quality parks, trails, and recreational opportunities, that includes a multitude of uses.